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1101, 2017

How to Start A Blog In Less Than 60 Minutes

Starting a blog is much simpler than you imagine. It’s much simpler and you can be set up writing your first post within the hour. Sound exciting? Good! This post will take you through the [...]

701, 2017

10 Reasons To Schedule Social Media As A Blogger With Buffer

  Platforms such as Buffer to schedule social media as a blogger, has many advantages. Buffer is a free service that allows you to schedule social media in bulk. As a blogger, especially if you [...]

2912, 2016

10 Ways I Use Trello To Manage My Blog

10 Ways I Use Trello To Manage My Blog Trello is a magnificent tool you should be utilising as a blogger to better organise your business and schedule. The good news is, Trello is FREE [...]

2612, 2016

Goal Setting As A Blogger In 2017

Goal Setting As A Blogger in 2017 Goal setting is an essential part of business planning. This forms part of your one page bloggers business plan and there are various methods to achieve this which [...]

1412, 2016

Find The Perfect Bussiness Type For A Blogger

Find The Perfect Business Type For A Blogger If you have a blog and have not set yourself up as a business then you may be flushing your money down the toilet. In this post [...]

1112, 2016

How To Create A Bloggers One Page Business Plan

Bloggers One Page Business Plan A bloggers one page business plan is essential and should be high level and fit for purpose. Even as a blogger you need a business plan to provide you with [...]

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