The secret marketing formula is backed by studies and experience of thousands of marketers. Grabbing your customer’s attention is a lot more difficult in this day and age than it was many years ago. A study in 2005 Guardian newspaper shown we see approx. 3,500 messages or advertisements and as you can imagine as technology has progressed and the world is moving forward this has only risen. You may be surprised that recent studies say we see between 4,000 and 10,000 per day. As you can see, it is harder to grab your customer’s attention and more important now than it ever has been. So the question is:

How do you grab your customer’s attention with so many advertisements in 2017?”

That is a good question and one I will cover in this week’s post. With the volume of advertisements the hardest thing is keeping your prospective customers attention and there is a formula I will run through in this post to make sure you master this.

There are five repeatable steps to follow in the secret marketing formula.

The Secret Marketing Formula

The Secret Marketing Formula

Marketing Formula Step 1: Start with the end in mind

Every marketing formula starts with strategy. You need an end goal that you will be guiding your prospective customers towards. This could be a product or service that is perfect for them and will contain 10X the value they are expecting. It needs to deliver the WOW factor as this fits in with step 5. This is one of the 7 steps of highly effective people and is critical to the marketing formula and what I call the “share factor”.

Starting with the end in mind gives you something to focus towards. You should only have one end in mind and should be very specific.

Marketing Formula Step 2: Perceptual filtering

Perceptual filtering is what your prospective customers are focusing in on or filtering out. As mentioned above in the studies, it is even harder to grab your customer’s attention as you may be competing with 10,000 advertisements but it can be done.

A great book on perceptual filtering is “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff. This talks in depth about perceptual filtering and how you can reach the right part of the human brain to positively influence your customers to take notice you, absorb what you are saying amongst the noise and see you as an expert in your field. There is a great video on this that I will link here.

In summary of this perceptual filtering, he tells us there are three parts to the human brain. These are the primitive reptilian brain (croc), the midbrain and the neocortex.

He describes the three parts of the brain:

  1. Primitive reptilian brain (croc): Focuses on survival and the emotional part of the brain.
  2. Midbrain: Designed to understand more complex situations
  3. Neocortex: Facilitates reasoning and analysis of complex situations.

He describes that information is absorbed in this order and will only reach the primitive part of the brain if the information is significant, novel and if the problem has now already been solved before. If the problem has been solved before then it will not be absorbed into the midbrain or neocortex. This is because your brain does not want to use up energy on problems that have already been solved (which makes perfect sense).

When the information meets the midbrain, you have successfully filtered out anything else your prospective customers were doing and are focused solely on you.

I would strongly recommend watching the London Real video on this here as Oren goes into much more detail.

Marketing Formula Step 3: Keep your customers attention

Now that you have your prospective customers attention, now comes the more difficult part…keeping it!

For some, this is the most challenging but if you have successfully penetrated the potential 10,000 advertisements your customers are exposed to then you now need to follow up by building trust and showing them that YOU have the solutions to their problems.

They are weighing up the pros and cons and could potentially be filled with a great deal of doubt initially. Your job is to alleviate any doubt in their mind and build a great deal of trust in your product/service, your business and as a person. The longer you can hold your prospective customers attention, the more negatives you can address, the more positives you can stack, and the more reasons you can provide why they should do business with YOU.

My recommendation is to also “keep your powder dry”. What this means is, leave your best stuff till last! Don’t shoot your best, most convincing information from the get go. You tell your prospective customers just enough to peak their curiosity.

Marketing Formula Step 4: Peak their curiosity

By this point, just prospective customers should know you, your business and be close to convinced that your products/services can solve all of their problems. Now you build on the state of curiosity your prospective customers to a peak level.

This is the stage where you should be leading your prospective customers to know more. This is where you fire off your best, most persuasive information to let them know that you are the right person with the perfect products to solve their problems. This is where you will be focusing on the end results.

Marketing Formula Step 5: Be remarkable – the “share factor”


The final stage is to create virility. This is what I all the share factor! If your offer has piqued the interest of your prospective customer then your offer will more than likely pique the interest of their friends and followers. More than likely, more than one of their friends or family will have the same interests and should have made such an impact that it is something worth telling others about. If this is online, ensuring your offer has share options or even if it is not, after you have 10X’d the value they thought they were getting will be a discussion point when they catch up with likeminded people.

A great way to do this is to make them a promise. Ask them if they receive 10X more value than what you are promising to do you one favour. To rave about your products to all their friends or share and like what you have provided them. Most people will comply with this. The first reason is because humans rarely go against something they have already agreed and the second reason because of how much value you have provided them, they usually feel the need to give back.

Mastering this last step is the key to rapid growth.

Marketing Formula Tip:Restart the cycle

This is repeatable cycle and I would recommend running multiple campaigns to find the one that works best for you. Analyse the feedback and test as many marketing campaigns as possible. When you find one that works, just double up. You should be able to predict that if you spend “X” on marketing you will get “Y” return on investment. This is how you decide on what marketing campaigns to double up on.


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