Bloggers One Page Business Plan

A bloggers one page business plan is essential and should be high level and fit for purpose. Even as a blogger you need a business plan to provide you with the direction you need as a business owner (even as a blogger, you are a business owner!).

All you need is a High Level Executive Summary should provide anyone in one page what you do, how you do it and what customers problems you are solving. Its that simple. As a blogger it is unlikely you will be using your business plan initially to raise money so this post is focused around a business plan for your own needs.

You might be thinking well if this is for my benefit then what is the point in doing it? That is a great question, but it is important is it provides you with a high level document to ensure you have the clarity in what you are doing and ensure all the jigsaw pieces are in the right places to show the true picture. A risk of not doing this is the potential of racing ahead into a business with no clear direction and clarity. This is a recipe for disaster!

Avoid the re-work and let’s get to it! So, lets dive into it!

How To Create A Bloggers One Page Business Plan

How To Create A Bloggers One Page Business Plan

Executive Summary


-What problems do your customers have?
I reference this in more detail in one of my previous blog posts Know Your Customer (KYC). If you have not read these posts then read them before completing this heading of your business plan. Simply, you are demonstrating you know what problems your customers are facing. Having this clearly detailed means you can have a laser focus on meeting your customers needs. This needs to be direct and straight to the point. Don’t put any fluff around this.


-What is your solution to their problems?
-How will your product or service meet your customer’s needs?
In this section you are simply demonstrating that you have the solution to their problems and how you are going to meet your customer needs. Again, this needs to be direct and straight to the point.

Business Model

Ensuring you have a strong business model is essential and forms the cog to your business. I go into more detail in my previous blog post The Ultimate Business Model so take a look at that for a more information to this but fundamentally a business model has 3 key cogs. They are:
• Products
• Marketing
• Customer
This explains what your products are and how you will market them to your customers to make a profit. E.g. The 60 day blogger will make money selling information products online to solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. Again, simple stuff.

Marketing & Sales

This section will detail exactly how you plan to market and sell your products or services.
So, from the previous example instead of stating “online” as the marketing you would be listing where online and how you will do this. E.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Forums etc.
In regards to sales, you would detail the methods of selling your products and the tools you would need to do this.

External Environment & Competition

Here you will explain what competition you have and how your products and services differ from theirs. If you are selling the same product, why would they choose yours over your competition? These are questions you need to be asking yourself and be able to demonstrate that you have done your homework. If you haven’t done this then DO NOT start trading yet. This is an essential part of the process and without it you can waste a heck of a lot of time and money! Don’t underestimate your competition!


You should as a minimum be able to forecast your projected costs for your business. If you cannot, then again go back to the drawing board and figure this out. For your own sake you need to know this up front so that there are no unexpected surprises on your journey.
If you can work out how much you will need to make to at least break even then this is sensible. It is also highly recommended to set up a financial tracker. I have one that I created that you can download here to save you some time.

Organisational Structure

Depending on if you are running your blog as a one man band or as a team then this is where you would document that information. Remember, virtual assistance are also a key stakeholder to your business if you have one and an essential part of the operations of your business.

Implementation Plan

Here you will be looking at where you are and the journey ahead. It is important to be honest about where you are and set clear goals about where you want to be in the future. I have a blog post on goal setting you may find useful before writing this section.


In Summary, creating a one page business plan is a lot simpler than it may first seem. It is definitely worth while doing when starting up your business venture and allows you to see if you have all your bases covered before you start your blogging journey. Your one page business plan is a live document and should be updated when things change to ensure your business is still viable and on track to achieving its goals.
I have created a one page business plan template for you to use when creating this to help you.

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