Goal Setting As A Blogger in 2017

Goal setting is an essential part of business planning. This forms part of your one page bloggers business plan and there are various methods to achieve this which will be detailed in this blog post.
The reason you should set your long, medium and short term goals is to ensure you have a vision for the future and a clear outline of how you are going to get there. Without goals you run the risk of having no clear direction.

The good news is that it is very simple to create goals providing you follow the SMART method.




Be very specific about what you aim to achieve. Without the clarity of what you aim to achieve, you run the risk of filling in the blanks your self at a later date or trying to remember exactly what your objective was. Make sure it is very specific upfront.


Ensure you have a method to measure the success of your objective. This should include what criteria you are measuring the success against. Establishing this up front will avoid any assumptions at a later date in terms of measuring the level of success in your objectives.


You need to ensure your goal is achievable. If you have no confidence in your ability to achieve your objectives then you will be very demotivated to even try. Make sure that you stretch yourself without over stretching your capabilities.


Ensuring your goal is realistic is super important. If you feel the goal is unachievable then and unrealistic then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Time Specific

This really ensures you have an end goal with a review date. This is when you are intending to achieve your goal. This is important because if it has no end date then you want have a target to achieve the goal by.
It is important to follow this method because you want to be able to measure the outcome of each objective you set. Without a measure, you cannot confidently confirm that you have been able to achieve your objectives or not.

goal setting as a blogger in 2017

goal setting as a blogger in 2017

Long Term Goal Setting

You should start your goal setting looking at your long term goals. These are usually your overarching goals for your business. I’m sure people have asked you before “where do you want to be 5 years from now”. That is usually your long term goals. The word “long-term” really can only be defined by how long “long-term” to you personal. For some people long term is 5 years, for others its 1 year. Its really down to the individual.

Medium Term Goals

Now that you have identified your long term goals, you medium term goals should feed directly into your long term plan. These are usually high level milestones you want to hit along the way in order to achieve your longer term goals. Again, medium term goals timescales can only be measured by the persons perception of medium term so go with your gut instinct again on this one.

Short Term Goals

Short term goals are your lower level goals. These usually have a lot more detail and again feed into your overall master plan for your long term goals. These are the actual smaller goals you can achieve in order to achieve your longer term goals in the future. If you are running a marathon and want to know how to run 26 miles, well you start with the first mile, then the second, then the third. These are the steps you need to reach the full 26 miles, one mile at a time. These mile at a time goals are your short term goals to run the full marathon.


When starting your business blogging venture it is important to set yourself some SMART goals. By doing so you will have a clear vision and direction along with something you can hold your self accountable to. Even better, have someone else hold you accountable – I find this works even better.

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