Find Your Perfect Business Name As A Blogger

If you are anything like me, establishing your perfect business name, at first thoughts, can seem a time consuming exercise. It can seem a frustrating process and something that can be a nightmare to change at a later date if you have already created a presence using your current business name. Therefore, getting it right first time and sticking to it is what this post is about.

No rework, no doubt, just an agreement to one business name that you can stick with throughout your journey!

There are many ways to do this but first piece of advice is to set yourself a specific and realistic timescale to agree on this. Some companies take months but I would definitely recommend at least a week to think and rethink it over because it is important and you need to be happy with your choice.

Company names can be established through various different processes but today we will look at the 4 I found most useful.

Method 1: Emotional End Result

One method of business name is to focus on your customers end result and what they will be receiving as a result of your products or services on an emotional level. This can give your potential customers the emotions associated with your products/services from the outset. This is a method of creating a positive future pacing emotion that your potential customers can instantly buy into. This also applies to establishing products or services names. A good example of this is Tim Ferriss 4 hour work week. This allows the customer to know exactly what the result is from the moment they see the cover. They start imagining working less and what joy that would create them. If they buy into this, they buy! The same applies to companies such as Burger King. People instantly know that their niche is focused around burgers and the perfect burger in the advertisements only solidifies this even more. See….simple but effective.

Find Your Perfect Business Name As A Blogger

Find Your Perfect Business Name As A Blogger

Method 2: Abstract

Another method is to focus your business name around an abstract word. Two examples of top brands that have done this is companies such as Virgin or Apple. There is no emotion behind the word, it is just abstract. The bonus to this method is that if your customer experience is excellent then as the word has a blank canvas, the customer instantly puts their own emotions towards your company name.

This is why companies such as Virgin and Apple embed their core values into all of their staffto ensure this blank canvas is filled with an excellent customer experience. My previous blog post here on core values can really compliament this option for you and is something I recommend everyone reads.

Equally this works negatively if you choose a word that already has a negative emotion associated to your potential customers. For example if your potential customers have had a negative experience with a company such as KFC and your chosen company also sells fast food that specialises in chicken with the company name CFC, then by association this can instantly have a negative impact. Not all of the time but this can happen, so just be aware of competing brands reputations and customer experience.

Method 3:Blending

The third method is creating an entirely new word based around two words associated to your business. For example, Hostgator. Hostgator provides website hosting and the associated logo is an alligator. Again, just be careful around word association.

Method 4:You

The final method is to use your own name as your brand. This is a popular choice but popular names like John Smith may be an issue so there are some restrictions around this again. For more unique names this can be a great option. One risk of this method is that if you get a bad reputation, you cannot change your own name so easy! Again, you have the option of combining method 3 and using your name to create an entirely new word.

Quick Tip

My quick tip would also be to research word meanings in other languages. When you see this I find it quite comical but the business clearly didn’t do this research and has the potential to rule out a certain customers straight away. You don’t want this!


There are many more examples of these and I would recommend doing some research as part of the time that you set aside to establish what you want to portray to your potential customers. First impressions do count and in my opinion the name actually isn’t the important factor, it’s the emotion and what you want your company to be associated to.

If you are currently scratching your head and want a second opinion on a few company name ideas then please comment below and I will respond.

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