Find Your Core Business Values As A Blogger

What are core values?

Core Values – this is your business’s DNA. This is what runs in your blood and in every business decision you make. Your core values are what separate your business from any other business.

Now you have identified your business’s purpose, that tells everyone why you do what you do and your core value’s will tell everyone how you do what you do.

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Your core values tell people about you and every business decision you and your company makes.

How do I identify my core values?

There is no uniform answer to this question that fits all. The question you need to answer really is what is important to me when doing business with my customers?

For example, will every decision you make be in your customer’s best interest? Therefore, are you customer focused?

Will you be transparent with your customers and act in their best interest? Therefore, are you honest and loyal?

These are two examples of values that may be true about how you run your business. If so, tell your customers this in your “About” page. You don’t get many chances to tell your customers all about how you run your business so this is your chance.

Find Your Core Business Values As A Blogger

Find Your Core Business Values As A Blogger

Does this fit together with my business purpose?

Absolutely! These two go hand in hand.

The reason these two go hand in hand is because they are the backbone to your business. Just by putting them out there for your customers to see is a sign that you know what you want and you have values that you live by to get you to your destination in business.

Many people glance over these two steps and want to jump straight into products and marketing but without identifying these two areas first, you are setting yourself up for a journey that will more than likely be reaction based with no clear direction. There are many businesses out there like that and you can spot them a mile away. That isn’t good!

How many core values should I have?

There is no specific number but just follow your heart on this one.

If you have brainstormed a list of 20 values, see if they have a theme, and try to condense them down to a select few themes. A good number is 4-6. It shouldn’t be an essay. It should be direct and straight to the point.

How is best to tell my customers my core values?

I would recommend making it visual. A graphic designed could design something for you that your customers can remember you by. This also means you can add the visual throughout your customer’s journey with you if you would like to. Also make sure to have this on your “About” page too.

What are my next steps?

Go ahead and start brainstorming! There is no time like the present. It shouldn’t take much active thinking. Just keep it natural and express how you want to serve your customers!


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