Committing to start a business blogging is a big decision. It starts with many hours researching from reading articles, watching videos and full of conflicting information of the best ways to start. Anyone who has started a blog can relate to this I’m sure. So after researching how to start a blog, what to blog about etc I asked myself the question:

“Do I want to really do this?”

If I was going to start a blog I wasn’t going to do it half hearted. I was all in or nothing. So I decided, If I can write down 50 reasons why I should start this blog then I will commit to starting this blog from 9AM tomorrow. To be honest, I didn’t think I would find 50 reasons but as you will see below I did!
The reason I’m sharing this with you is because now that the foundations of my blog are in place, I have a solid operating rhythm and is now profitable I wanted to get a little more personal and share why I started my blog. If you are on the fence, use my reasons as to why you should start yours because they are universal and should really apply to anyone trying to make this decision.


  1. It is inexpensive to start
  2. I can explore a new hobby
  3. There is no experience required
  4. I will learn something new
  5. I will develop and grow as a person
  6. It will allow me to get social worldwide
  7. It will push me outside of my comfort zone
  8. I could turn a hobby into profit
  9. I will meet New People
  10. I could travel the world
  11. I will have an increased happiness & fulfilment level
  12. I will have a sense of achievement
  13. I will own my own business
  14. It will enhance my networking skills
  15. It will enhance my sales skills
  16. It will open my mind to new ideas
  17. I will be pursuit my vision towards financial freedom
  18. I will overcome new obstacles
  19. It will enhance my marketing skills
  20. I will make new friends and business associates
  21. I could inspire others
  22. I will be inspired by others
  23. I could create passive income
  24. I’m helping others achieve their hopes and dreams
  25. Let the hustler inside come out
  26. It is low risk
  27. I want to maximise my life to its full potential
  28. I will condition my mind to both positive and negative feedback
  29. I will spend less time doing unproductive things like watching Netfix
  30. I will wake up earlier to be more productive
  31. I will find my full potential
  32. I will enhance my coaching skills
  33. I will enhance my communications skills
  34. I will pursuit my desire to write my own book
  35. I will pursuit my desire to create my own course
  36. I can understand people’s problems and obstacles and find solutions to meet their needs
  37. I will make my family proud
  38. I will learn to write better
  39. I will read more
  40. I will write more
  41. I will be invest my time and money into something productive
  42. If successful I can blog full time
  43. If successful I no longer have to travel one hour to work every day
  44. If successful I can fit the gym in the time I would usually spend travelling to get fitter
  45. I can work from my laptop anywhere in the world
  46. I will increase my ability to speak in front of a camera
  47. I will work for myself
  48. I’m no longer held to a 9-5 job
  49. I can collaborate with others to succeed together
  50. I can let the world know who James really is
50 Reasons I committed to start a business blogging

50 Reasons I committed to start a business blogging

Believe it or not, I wrote this in less than 30 minutes on a train journey and even surprised myself. So that was it, I committed and here I am today still on the journey.

Now if you can take one thing away from this is that regardless if you are on the fence about starting a blog or on the fence with anything for that matter, set yourself a task like I did and commit to an outcome if you can achieve it. I thought to myself that if I can find 50 reasons then it is worth pursuing.  I challenge you to use this method and commit if you reach your target.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and hope you have got to know me a little better through this post!

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All the best guys

James Foster 60 minute blogger

James Foster