Find Your Perfect Niche As A Blogger – Combine your passion with profit!

Niche Business’s, you may feel having such a specific target market that they are missing out on everybody else outside of their niche. This could not be further from the truth.

Tip 1: Super Specific

The truth is that if you need to be SUPER specific on whom your ideal customer is. Examples of this could be age, gender, lifestyle, occupation and the list goes on. The better you know your customer the better you can meet their needs. Here is an example of different customer attributes that you may want to consider:






Relationship Status

Personality Type

Financial Situation

Tip 2: Do the 60MINUTEBLOGGER 3 Pillar Niche Test

You get to choose your niche customer so make sure you take your time when making this decision. When making this decision it’s wise to take three things into account:




How To Find Your Perfect Niche As A Blogger

How To Find Your Perfect Niche As A Blogger

Pillar 1: Passion

Passion about serving your customers is essential. Your customer should be at the heart of every decision you make and having a burning desire to improving their experience also makes it even more enjoyable for you!

But just passion is not enough. This leads us onto the next pillar….experience.

Pillar 2: Experience

It is wise to have a decent understanding of your trade. This is what customers are parting their hard earned money for therefore they should feel they are getting value for money.

One point I will touch on though is that you do not have to be an expert. Everyone starts their journey somewhere and sometimes a career change can be the best thing for you. As long as you have the desire to learn whilst on the journey and put in the time, that is as good as having the experience in my opinion.

Pillar 3: Profitable

Remember, you are not doing this for your health therefore your niche needs to be profitable. The only way to do this is through research and testing. Many business owners think their niche is profitable but their accounts tell a different story so don’t fall into this trap. It’s really important to put your predictions to the test to establish if your niche is actually profitable. If it is not, don’t be afraid to try something new. I would actually recommend testing multiple sub-niche’s within your niche to see what performs the best.

Tip 3:  Feedback & Analysis

This is the hard facts. You should set time aside to analyse and assess feedback you are receiving and create a continuous improvement ethos to this. Believe me – your customers will tell you if you are doing something right. All feedback is positive feedback and the trick is to not take it personal.

If you aren’t receiving any feedback, silence is a sign that you may not have cracked the code yet but may mean you need to make some slight adjustments or tweaks.

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James Foster 60 minute blogger

James Foster 60 minute blogger