Platforms such as Buffer to schedule social media as a blogger, has many advantages. Buffer is a free service that allows you to schedule social media in bulk. As a blogger, especially if you do this part time a long side your day job, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about scheduling your most important posts on your favourite social media platforms.

10 Reasons To Schedule Social Media As A Blogger With Buffer

10 Reasons To Schedule Social Media As A Blogger With Buffer

For myself, as I’m actively social I only schedule social media for the most important posts and still remain active on social media but it does take the worry away from sharing  your most important content.

I did say the platform is free but there is a paid version that unlocks additional features and doesn’t restrict your posts to 10 schedules but I would definitely recommend using the free version to get started.

The 10 main reasons I would recommend you schedule social media as a blogger are:

You can schedule social media as a blogger

As I have already mentioned, you can schedule your posts. With the free version you can schedule social media up to 10 posts but with the paid version is only $10 per month which unlocks additional features such as unlimited scheduling. This allows you to schedule in bulk which is even more useful.

Setting the times to schedule your posts are incredibly easy. Test what times perform the best for you based on your audience. Certain time zones to outperform others so test, test, test!

Schedule Social Media As A Blogger

Schedule Social Media As A Blogger

You can review your analytics of your posts

As you schedule social media, these will link directly into your Buffer analytics. For example with Twitter allows you to review your re-tweets, likes, mentions, clicks and potential views. This allows you to review your hash tags and social media strategy to reach the right people at the best times. I would definitely recommend testing the best times to post and review the engagement you have.  It also allows you to re-buffer your posts. This is useful when analysing your posts.

Buffer Analytics To Schedule Social Media

Buffer Analytics To Schedule Social Media

Automatically shortens your links

Buffer automatically shortens your links. No more copying your links, using bitly to shorten them and pasting them into your posts. This handy feature makes Buffer even more user friendly and lets you get on with what you actually want to do….schedule social media!

Buffer Shorten Links To Schedule Social Media

Buffer Shorten Links To Schedule Social Media

You can integrate Buffer with your browsers with the Buffer plugin

The ability to schedule social media as a blogger on your desktop never came easier with this plugin. As you are browsing the web, reading your favourite posts and stumble across something you want to share, with one click you can schedule social media. You can even highlight and right click text to buffer. This plugin is excellent and makes sharing more natural and not a forced exercise.

Desktop Sharing Buffer To Schedule Social Media

Desktop Sharing Buffer To Schedule Social Media

Manage your posts from your mobile devices

I usually use the desktop version of Buffer but I do use the mobile app on the go. This is useful for checking your statistics and scheduling social media to your queue as they are happening real time. Scheduling social media as a blogger on your mobile device is super important because sitting down to schedule posts can sometimes feel quite forced but if you schedule social media on the go then this has a more authentic feel to your posts. We need to remember we are not robots and that we are actually doing this to be social with others and be part of a community.

Free to schedule up to 10 posts

It is free to schedule social media for up to 10 posts. In my opinion, this is a great way to start using buffer and test out its features. There are some great free features but I think you will reach a point that 10 posts is not enough to schedule (especially across all platforms). I feel this is a very clever number on behalf of Buffer because I have more than 10 important posts to schedule in a given week which means I would need to sit down and schedule my social media twice a week at least (not cool!). It may work for you but the trick is to start a task and complete it, not keep revisiting it multiple times because this just isn’t productive. If you are a blogger, you will have more important things to do than sit down for multiple sessions of scheduling! So the alternative is the paid version which is not expensive.

Inexpensive for additional features

The additional features come as part of the “Awesome” package. This unlocks additional allows you to schedule social media up to 100 posts, add 10 different social media accounts, see your social media calendar and schedule social media for Pinterest along with other features. Scheduling social media as a blogger just got awesome! This costs $10 per month which for most people is inexpensive and saves you a lot of time!

Reduced interruptions

I feel starting a task and finishing it first time around is super important. With Buffer’s scheduling you are now allowing any interruptions from your day for social media unless you actually want to. Scheduling social media allows you to get on with what you actually need to do that will allow you to grow your business as a blogger. Being hyper aware of things that draw you away from the task in hand and creating a measure to ensure you protect your time is critical to being as productive as possible. A scheduling social media app such as Buffer helps support this.

More time

If you count up the time you spend on social media creating posts at crazy hours of the day just because you “need to, to grow your business” you would be amazed. To keep revisiting tasks over and over again is proven to add an additional 30% in time to complete the same task than if you just did it first time. Therefore, by scheduling social media as a blogger in bulk will you save yourself so much time. I personally think it’s more than 30% but that may just be me. Either way, with my content I concentrate on building a business in 60 minute sprints so anywhere I can save time, I’m all over it!

Schedule Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram

The last reason to use Buffer is because of its vast platforms you can schedule across. I feel like whichever platform you are growing your business with then Buffer should be able to support this. They are the big 6 names in the social media business and if you are not using social media to grow your business then you may want to consider it. Its 2017 and social media is here to stay. We need to embrace that and Buffer is just a way to manage all of the top platforms in the social media business.


In summary I want to leave you with one thing. Anytime you can do something in on one occasion that actually buys you time you should do it. Buffer or in fact any scheduling tool is a way to buy time, which frees you up to do the most important things to grow your business. This one reason alone is worth it for me. In fact, this principle of buying time I would recommend applying to all aspects of your business because one day when you grow your business large enough you want to shy away from the administrative, repetitive and time consuming tasks. My rule is that if someone else can do it with clear instructions then delegate the task. Now, you may not want to do this until you start making money to do this but this may want to be your long term game. In the meantime, use scheduling tools like Buffer to help. It’s free for basic features and inexpensive for the full features so what the heck, just give it a try!

Hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to comment below. If you have any tips of your own I encourage these in the comments section below to share with my community. Take it easy guys!

James Foster 60 minute blogger

James Foster